Sabrina Forever



My sweet girlfriendcat went over the rainbow bridge this morning. She even asked her Daddy to tell me good-bye. I am so sad. I know her Mom and Sam and Sanjee and Mini will greet her, though, and help her make herself at home in the clouds and in her star in the night sky. I’ll purr on her family here for their sads, and light a candle for her (with Mom’s help). Tonight I will look out the big window at her star and sing for her.

I love you, Sabrina. For always, Pepi.

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Happy Gotcha Day Georgey!

I so glad I gotted yoo Georgey! Yay! I come brings yoo werms n swampweeds and swamptinis.

Sanjee surfing with George

Dis wuz our first pawty togethur!

And yoo has been a grate duk furiend for alla us Hotties.

George shows Mini How to Skateboard

Yoo even showeded Mini How to Skateboard

And yoo helped anipals raise oodles of green papers for animal reskues.

George the Duck Valentine

We luvs yoo Georgey.  Happy Gotcha Day!

Angel Sanjee, Angel Mini, Boni Maroni, Gree, Pepi, Typst and Grandma Duck

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Happy Anniversary Gree and Othello

June 21, 2008

June 21, 2008

Happy 6th Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Othello!

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Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday Sammy Meezer! Surely you’ve seen Pepi and are doing whapping practice by this time of day.

Happy birthday Edsel! Love, Boni Maroni and the rest of the Hotties

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@BorisKitty Has A Sick

Boris in his Star Trek Captain's Chair

@BorisKitty in his Star Trek Captain’s Chair

Our long time pal @BorisKitty has a sick. A couple of sicks. A couple of bad sicks. He has megacolon and chylothorax. He needs to have a subtotal colectomy to remove most of his colon to fix the megacolon. And he may need surgery for the chylothorax if it doesn’t go away spontaneously which is pretty unlikely from what I understand.

H2 and H1, his humans, have really gone the distance for Boris. He’s had multiple emergency vet visits. He’s had an endoscopy and colonoscopy, multiple x-rays, enemas for the megacolon, overnight vetjail stays. And more. The list is frighteningly long. But Boris is hanging in there and his humans are hanging in there with him.

Boris empties his bank to help pay for his vet care

Boris empties his bank to help pay for his vet care

All this vetjail and veterinary care — which will include enemas and fluid drainage from his lungs weekly most likely until he can have surgery — does not come cheap. We know about that from personal experience. So they finally, after being asked many times, agreed to let me set up a fundraiser for them. I set it up for $5,000. I picked that number because it’s about half of what they  know it will cost — and not even what they’ve spent so far! — to help Boris get and stay healthy. They don’t mind going into debt for him. The problem is too much debt means they can’t pay for the care including the 2 surgeries the doctors say he will need when he’s stable enough.

Can you help our pal @Boriskitty? He’s tirelessly helped animal rescue and he needs a paw now. If you can donate a couple of bucks, they add up. If you can tweet about his YouCaring fundraiser, that helps get the word out.  You can even send a get well card. And please send him all the purrs and woofs and pawsitive energy you can. Thank you.

You can also go here to donate and that link should work on smartphones. Thank you.

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