Getting Ready for #SciFiPawty

Yes, we’re getting ready to go to the 5th Annual #SciFiPawty! We can’t wait. We love science fiction. As usual, we have avatars for a couple different science fiction themes.

HotMBC Ender's Game

House of the Mostly Black Cats plays Ender’s Game

HotMBC Into Darkness

House of the Mostly Black Cats Into Darkness

And the strangest…. The Regelliat Empire from Typist’s Imperial Novels from Nanowrimo and beyond.

HotMBC Regelliat Empire

Imperial House of the Mostly Black Cats

Are YOU ready for #SciFiPawty? You better get ready. QOL Join us Apriol 12-13 2pm EDT to 2pm EDT. Tell @BorisKitty that @GeorgeTheDuck Harrison sent you. ;)

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We Miss You Sanjee

Sanjee and George ForeverIt’s been a year today since Sanjee became an angel. We still miss her.

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There will never be another kitty  like you, Sanjee. We love you. Forever.

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Has it been that long?

Boni Maroni and Pepi

Boni Maroni and Pepi

I guess it has. Good thing we’ve seen you on Twitter and Facebook. We sort of lost our energy for blogging when Mini left to be an angel. Maybe we’ll find it again. Until then, see you on Twitter and FB and email and… :)

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#CatmasEve Pawty

8th Annual CatmasEve Pawty comes to Chatzy too!


It’s not on the invite yet, but we have got a Chatzy Room for Open House for our Cat Blogger friends who don’t tweet. We couldn’t miss the chance to see you!

Party is from December 24 3:00 pm EST to December 25 3:00 am EST.

#CatmasEve has its own site now, too! Stop by to learn how cat bloggers and anipals can enter to win an Amazon GC and about how you can help black cats get forever homes and all sorts of things.  Typist will let me update more after the crazy Catmas rush with her shop. QOL

We’re gonna have FUN!

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Mancat Monday

Napping is good for man cats Pepi Says

Mancat Monday is good for napping. So let me nap. ZZZZZZZzzzz

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