My Cool Tillman Skateboard!

George with his Tillman Skateboard

George with his Tillman Skateboard

Look what I won!  I won a super Tillman Skateboard from @TillmanSkates and Natural Balance in a contest during one of his Viewing Parties for his who Who Let The Dogs Out on Animal Planet!

Stop by this week’s viewing pawty and maybe you can win something pawsome too! It’s 6am to 11am PDT (9am to 2pm EDT). It’s lots of fun and you can talk to all sorts of friends on twitter. Just stop by his blog and let him know you’re coming so you have a chance to win even more!

George shows Mini How to Skateboard

George shows Mini How to Skateboard

My cat Mini wanted to check out this skateboarding thing, even. I showed her how! (I’m a natural, of course QOL)

Mini on the Skateboard - Go Mini!

Mini on the Skateboard - Go Mini!

Mini just hopped right on. Maybe she wants to meet @TillmanSkates and show off.


Pepi is not into it

Pepi is not into it

Pepi would rather sleep than skateboard. Oh well, not everyone can, I guess. Tillman is still the expert, but Mini and I did have fun.  Thanks for the great skateboard, Tillman!

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7 Responses to My Cool Tillman Skateboard!

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  3. holly the cat says:

    I LOVE TILLMAN! He was so cool on America’s Greatest Doggie show

    Georgie enjoy your skateboard and make sure you keep sharing with the kittehs.



    • George says:

      Thanks, Holly! The Typist is NOT allowed on the skateboard. She’s still healing up and she’d just bust something again. At least, that’s what she said happened that last time she got on a skateboard.

  4. The Meezers says:

    PAWSOME!! concatulations!!!

  5. Marley Terrier says:

    Awsome dude! Lets hang 10…or sumfing…he he.

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