Hurricane Sandy and Anipal Safety

Hurricane SandyHurricane Sandy is affecting bunches of our friends along its path. We’re all concerned about our friends. Lots of concerned anipals are offering prayers, support, and hurricane safety info. I’ll add any of the links, tweet info, news, etc. that I can find.  Send me and friends info using hashtag #SandyAnipals or DM me or email me at All links open in a new window so you can find your way back to the others easily.

Anipal Specific Info & Resources

  • @NancyCakeFace is doing a #SandyRollCall spreadsheet so affected anipals can be checked on and can check in. DM her or @I_am_Luka if you want to be added. Please use #SandyRollCall when tweeting to get on the list. She will be checking in with all about their safety afterward.
  • #SandyAnipals hashtag can be used for passing info along to me or others re general Sandy safety at large.
  • #SandyAnipalPorch or #SandyPalsPorch is for gathering, chatting, and sharing anipal info
  • NEW! Facebook Group for #SandyAnipal Info

General Resources for Pet People

Area Specific & Shelter Pet Related Information

General Sandy Information & Tips

I’ll be updating throughout the day and @ShaynaCat will have permissions to edit in case I lose power.

Everybody stay safe!

Thanks to all the anipals and others who have contributed.
Special thanks to @Skye613 who has provided a ton of information

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24 Responses to Hurricane Sandy and Anipal Safety

  1. Thanks for sharing Georgie. Hope all the #SandyAnipals stay safe and warm!

  2. Goose says:

    Wonderful information and resources! Thank you for collecting them! I’ll pass it along to all of my friends and followers!! Stay safe!

  3. Cheysuli says:

    Be safe to all of our east coast friends!

  4. Thanks buddy! Lots of great information! Hoping that everyone stays safe!

  5. Baby Patches says:

    Thanks for putting this altogether George! We is all purrrrs for our furriends being affected by that mean old Sandy.

  6. I am beyond impressed with the networks you have all put in place. High paws for Anipals!! My Dad is a CERT volunteer, has been certified for about 18 months…that is the national “Community Emergency Response Teams” across this country. Showed him your site George D and he was like way impressed! We have very close special family members in Philly and Binghamton NY…we are concerned for sure

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  9. Rumbles says:

    You keep those Hotties safe, Georgie!

  10. marleyterrier says:

    Great werk my tiny pal. We wishin all our pals well and lookin forward to seein you all on the other side. Woof

  11. George, dood! We always thought you were wonderful – this is fantastic info – and we’re SO glad for the #SandyRollCall too!
    THANK you!

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