The Sanjee Repurrt

Sanjee and Grandma

Grandma Cat kept Sanjee company at the vet.

Typist has been crazy busy the last few days or I’d have posted this earlier. Sanjee had her vet checkup last week. She’s doing well and just has a bit of swelling. She hasn’t had to have much pain medication this week. Yay!

Mini has to have her routine bloodwork and checkup for her CHF next week, so Sanjee will go along to get checked up too. I’m not sure they will be excited to ride in the car together (in separate PTUs of course!) but they’ll manage. In other news, the Typist’s fingernails are still purple. QOL

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23 Responses to The Sanjee Repurrt

  1. mariodacat says:

    So sorry to hear about typists fingers. I’m working on Dragon now so hopefully she can get hers up and running to. That is such good news on Sanjee this week. We hope both kitties can get a good checkup.

    • Sanjee says:

      O Mario, dat purple fingernails is from da nail polish she luv dat is purple. She gotta get dat Dragon going soon tho cuz hand is botherings her. Fanks yoo I hopes I gets good checkup too. And Mini too I guesses. MOL

  2. This is good to hear. Sanjee is in my thoughts every day. I have a small mental checklist and she is on it. Going GOOD girl!!!

  3. We are glad Sanjee is doing well.

  4. Cathy Keisha says:

    I’m glad to get a good report on Sanjee. Is the Typist’s fingernails purple cos of nail polish or cos she doesn’t have circulation or something. TW’s acupuncturist used to tell her something about her Chi being wrong or something was why her nails were half purple.

    • Sanjee says:

      Mommy’s fingernails is purple cuz of polish. Oops. Georgey didn’t say it so it wuz clear. And fank you lots Cathy Keisha! purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs

  5. keep up the good reports Sanjee…..

    mom’s nails were gray when she came back home after chrismouse. moms are weird about the polish thing…..

    • Sanjee says:

      I will do mah bestest! MOL Mommies are weird about dat polish fing. Yuk! I would not like dat stuff on mah claws.

  6. Pumpkinpuddy says:

    Glad to hear you’re holding your own Sanjee. And that the purple fingernails are polish, not something wrong. MOL *hugs* to you and Mini and George and everyone!

  7. IcyPinkLemonade says:

    Awwww grandma cat looks so happy! I don’t think purple fingernails are good, unless that’s from nail polish…

    • Sanjee says:

      Mah Grandma Cat luvs me!!! It is da polish dat make Mommy fingernails purple, yep. So it good. To her anyways. I finks it weird. MOL

  8. It’s good to hear she’s doing well

  9. LilyLuWhoT says:

    Happy 2 hear Sanjee is doing well – sending her a big batch of #HealingPurrs & love! Hope the vet visit goes well for both of you! ((HUGS))
    Oddly enough my Mom had purple fingernails & toenails at the moment – have our Moms all gone crazy for purple or something? MOL!

  10. Thanks for the update. We are still sending purrs!

  11. Purrs to Sanjee, Mini and the whole gang.

  12. Karen Jo says:

    I am glad that Sanjee is doing so well. I hope that the ride with Mini doesn’t get too loud from kitty complaints and that the vet report is good on both of them.

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