Happy World Animal Day

Mini the cat was excited to find birdies on the people tv

Mini found birdies to watch on the people tv! That’s how she’s celebrating World Animal Day

World Animal Day, at Feast of St. Francis of Assisi the patron of the animals, this year falls on a Feline Friday! Woo hoo! We Hotties cats are excited about that. Mini’s going to celebrate by watching birdie tv on the people tv some, and regular birdie tv too. Gree’s going to celebrate by eating lots. Boni Maroni and Pepi are going to celebrate by napping and prowling. Mom and Grandma Cat and I are having quiet celebrations with us that include pets and scritches and stinky goodness. Perfect!

We’re also celebrating Uncle Milty’s birthday today. He’s off on a Greek Islands cruise. Go Uncle Milty! Happy Birthday!

How are you celebrating Feline Friday… um… World Animal Day? You can learn more about it at WorldAnimalDay.org.uk.

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3 Responses to Happy World Animal Day

  1. Miles Meezer says:

    Happy Animal Day!! Happy Purrfday Unkle Milty!!!!

    Sanjee – you is gonna come be on our ghost hunt right?
    does you want to play? – purrsss n nosekissies – yore forever boyfriendcat Miles

  2. Happy World Animal Day!!
    We will celebrate by enjoying the sunshine and dominating Mom
    so she gives us lots of scritches and treats 🙂
    Well, more than usual,heeheehee
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

  3. Btw, we’re pretty sure Mini watched Birdie TV early in the morning.

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