Mini ‘Tocks

Min the Cat 'tocksIt was a week today that Mini flew off to be an angel. Still, we want to celebrate ‘Tocktober with Derby Sassy Cat and Ducky with a Mini pic. Happy ‘Tocktober friends!

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7 Responses to Mini ‘Tocks

  1. Cathy Keisha says:

    Mini has an extra long tail to go with her “Tocks. Comforting purrz are coming your way.

  2. Mini always knew how to strut her stuff. Happy TockTober at The Bridge Miss Mini.

  3. Beautiful tocks! We’re sending plenty of purrs

  4. Cheysuli says:

    Mini had some flashy tocks. Purrs to your humans-

  5. marleyterrier says:

    Sorree to be reedin bowt Mini Jorge my chum…I haz not been very good at keepin up wiv blogs these last few weeks…*hugs*….I meet her at da Bridge and mek sure she OK fur yoo….

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