Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day

Make a black cat’s day by donating to Black Cat Rescue if you can. They are No Kill and totally staffed by volunteers. Or adopt one. Or spoil on you already have living with you.

Black cat Rescue

Even pocket change helps! It adds up! Just click the pic to donate.

And be sure to stop by Boots’ blog to see his Black Cat  Appreciation Day post. Don’t ask me why he has his own blog. He’ll get over it eventually . QOL

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Meet Boots

… if you haven’t already on FB or tweety bird

He auditioned by playing with a table leg at the local SPCA and giving the Typist The Look with his green eyes. He came home with us.

Boots the Cat

He fits in tiny places. He patrols for rodents or elephants and other things. And since orange is the new black, he fits right in to the House of the Mostly Black Cats.  We’re all glad that we adopted each other.

Boots in the Header

We have added him to our header graphic but we’re still waiting for the nanobots to be able to put it up.

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Until we meet again, Pepi

#AngelPepi We lost our little man today. His kidney disease was too advanced to reverse it. He was miserable and hiding,   so we helped him to the Bridge. Sanjee, Mini, and his  best friend Gree surely greeted him there.  One day we’ll all meet there. For now, we are sad and miss him.

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Thank you

Thank  you

Pepi the cat is home

Thank you for all our support while Pepi was in the ER vet. We can’t say how much we appreciate it. We’re happy to have our little guy home now.

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We Miss You Gree

Greebie 20114

We miss you so much. Especially Mommy. Pepi adopted her, though, and that helps. We will wave to your star in the sky tonight. We love you, George, Pepi, Boni Maroni. Gramda Cat. Angel Sanjee, and Mom Robyn.

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