Sad Duck and Kittehs

Two of our long time pals went to the Rainbow Bridge just recently.

Our buddy @tildatoo Prudence, Pru to us, went OTRB today.tildatooWhen we think of Pru and her Mom we always think of kindness and helpfulness. They were always ready to pitch in and fill the empty barktender slot when I was head barktender, and I expect after, from pawpawty and beyond. They were always happy to give a friend a ride. They were just golden, and in our minds, always will be.

Our buddy @PerrytheBirman (Birman Bond on FB) went OTRB just recently too. With his tequila he could stir up all sorts of fun trouble at pawpawty and other fun get togethers, and wash it all away by batting his baby blues.Perry the Birman

He gave Sanjee his trashcan and fish show-fer so she could cruise around making trouble too. You were so much fun Perry, we could hardly stand it. QOL

We’re sad when any of our pals goes OTRB. It’s always hard. It’s a little bit harder, though, when we’ve known them for many years like  Pru and Perry.

Love and ducky hugs and purrs to Pru and Perry’s moms. We send love and ducky hugs and purrs to all who have pals gone OTRB. Thank you for being our friends.

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Purrs for Billy Sweetfeets Pleez

We gotted this email from Mom Anne

Purrs fur Billy Sweetfeets

Sammy, Miles and Nicholas Meezer of the MEEZER TAILS have written of their dear bro-fur Billy SweetFeets on Facebook …

” … brother Billy needs help – the Mom is in despair because sweet little Billy is having such a hard time with breathing and just life in general. He tries very hard but mostly all he wants to do is cough, wheeze and lay on the mom (which is very NOT normal for him). We thought we were going to lose him on Saturdaybecause of the breathing problems. And his blind eye is getting very, icky. He drives [us] crazy, but [we] I don’t want him gone. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.”

There are some major medical expenses for Billy’s immediate care, if you can possibly help (no amount is too small) please visit his page,
click on this link.  Thank you!

They has a paypal too and they will gives yoo thare Paypal emale if yoo just asks.

If you are on Facebook, you can leave a comment there, or on the Meezer’s blog (click this link) … the Meezers have blogged since 2006
and are known and loved by many in the pet community ~ please be sure to wish Billy well …  Thank You!

Pleeze send all the purrs n purrayers you gots to Billy. He is the orinch meniss brofur of mah furever boyfriendcat Miles Meezer and he is speshul cuz orinch is tha new blak.  Fanks yoo lots. Luv Angel Sanjee

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Find Us On Facebook. We’re hiding there!

The Typist has (and has had) a lot going on. That means we seldom get over here to post. So we’re doing more microblogging on our Facebook page. Not a huge lot, but far more often than monthly. If you want to see what Grumpy Cat thinks of our new cat tree, go over there to see. While you’re there, click Like. If you’re really brave, also click Get Notifications too. But check out Grumpy. She’s got teh awsum. See you on FB!

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Happy New Year from The House of The Mostly Black Cats (and a stuffed duck)

We hope 2015 is very good to you.

George New Years Love,
George, Boni Maroni, Pepi, Gree, Angel Sanjee, Angel Mini, Mom Robyn the Typist and Grandma Cat/Duck

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Thank you. Forever Derby.

derby-foreverWe were going to do a thank you post for everyone who helped make sure the #CatmasEve pawty went ahead. We got a bit blindsided, though. Thank you for giving us a chance to tweet to our long time buddy Derby the Sassy Cat with his brofur Ducky. We had trouble with chatzy so Derby and Ducky got on Twitter to say hi to us. Derby had to go to the Bridge today and we’re grateful we got to talk with him. Our eyes are leaking badly, but underneath that we’re happy we got to talk to him so recently. Fly free Derby guy… and walk on the ceiling of the world without needing velcro booties. We love you buddy. We’ll give Ducky and your Mom lots of purrs and love.

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